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Swaras And The Symbols in Bansuri Music Learning

All holes open: Teevra MA

One hole closed : GA

 Two holes closed: RE

Three holes closed: SA

Four holes closed: NI

Five holes closed: DHA

Six holes closed: PA

The Bansuri Notations and The Symbols

MA = M
GA = G
RE = R
SA = S
NI = N
PA = P

Understanding The Bansuri Notations

In Bansuri we can produce the lower P D N S R G M with a normal and less forceful blowing.

For getting the higher P D NS R G M we need to blow in to the flute a bit more forcefully with a focused embouchure.

For Lower octave notes there will no symbols added before or after the Notation, example – Lower octave Pa is denoted as P

For Higher octave notes there will be a symbol in front of the note, for example, Higher octave Re is denoted as R’

P D N S R G M P’ D’ N’ S’ R’ G’ M’



The symbol ‘ > ‘ means that we have to extend the note behind that symbol.

In some cases if we want to make groups in a series of notes then we put a comma (,) for those notes.

For example-   PDN, DNS, NSR, SRG, RGM, GMP’

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