Bansuri Learning – Course Structure

The regular courses in Bansuri will go on for months and years together, depending upon the interest of the student to learn Bansuri. In regular course a lot of love, commitment and patience are needed from both the teacher and the student.

Initially we begin with the finding the right embouchure and fingerings and the right grip on the Bansuri.

Next we practice Alankaras. Alankaras are simple groups of notes “ornaments” which we practice to get the fingerings accustomed to playing the Bansuri.

After completion of basic alankaras we start with pre-composed Bandishes, Alaps and Taans in raga Yaman in Dadra taal, Raga Hamsadhwani in Teen taal and again Raga Yaman in Teen taal.

Going forward, Spontaneous or extempore improvisations and Gamakas are practiced in many different ragas like Bihag, Madhuvanthi, Des, Marwa, Pooriya Kalyan and many more ragas. These are learnt and practiced over a span of many years.

All our classes are conducted in a long term basis on a foundation of good relationship and mutual love and respect.

Indian classical music is one of the purest forms of music and it requires years of dedicated and sincere practice ‘Sadhana’ to excel. Our sincere request to all our students is that be patient and practice regularly. This journey in the music is infinite and the joy lies in the journey itself !

Class Scheduling Structure

Classes in our courses are conducted in individual, one on one lessons. Each week one lesson of the duration of around 30mins would be scheduled.

In any given three month period around 10-12 lessons will be conducted.

Once a student enrols himself/herself, after prior discussion one time slot will be finalised and allotted for the classes and each week that time slot would be reserved for that student.

On some weeks we may not be able to meet on the scheduled time because of the teacher’s or student’s unavailability, in which case prior information is needed and the lesson will be conducted on the same reserved slot in the week after.

At any point of the course if a student becomes busy with any commitments, he/she can discontinue the course for a month or more and re-join the course when it becomes possible.

One to One Live Online Bansuri Classes – Course fee

The course fee is the remuneration for the education in its entirety in the long term. It can be paid monthly or once in every three months.

One on one live online classes will be conducted by the Bansuri Maestro Shri. Venugopal S Hegde.

Monthly course fee is ₹11,000 INR ($150 in USD) which can be paid at the beginning week of a calendar month.

Fees can be paid via wire transfer or from PayPal.

If you are interested in enrolling to the regular course in bansuri we can schedule an introductory online bansuri lesson. For scheduling the lesson please contact us along with these details: Name, City and Country, convenient days and timings to have the lesson (Please mention three or more different timings) and your message.

email address: venugopalhegde@msn.com

In Person Bansuri Classes in Dharwad

All In-Person classes are conducted in Venuganapriya Academy of Music, Dharwad. Classes will be held in groups and one to one sessions.

All in-person classes in our Academy are given free of cost. This is our loving contribution to the world of Indian classical music and towards serving Goddess Saraswati – Hindu Deity of Education.

Please meet us personally for scheduling the classes.