[title size=”2″]Regular Course in Bansuri Flute[/title][imageframe style=”glow” bordercolor=”” bordersize=”2px” stylecolor=”” align=”right”]Krishna Bansuri Flute[/imageframe]

In Regular course we start with the basics of bansuri.For Intermediate and advanced learners Course will be structured in accordance with their playing capabilities. In this course we begin to know and understand each other musically. Regular courses will go on for months and years together, depending upon the interest of the student to learn Bansuri. In regular course, lot of love, commitment and dedication are required from both the teacher as well as the student

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  • Course is conducted in individual, one on one lessons
  • All Lessons are scheduled on a mutually comfortable day and time for both the student and the teacher
  • The person who wants enroll himself for the classes is required to have a good flute, a good internet connection, web cam and microphone
  • Each lesson would be of around 40 mins duration and each week one lesson is conducted
  • Monthly fee is US$115 (₹5500 for residents of India) and it can be paid at the beginning week of a calender month
  • A class might get postponed or rescheduled  because of the teacher’s or student’s unavailability on the scheduled day and time
  • For rescheduling or cancelling a lesson a minimum 3 day prior notice is required




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